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What is Punycode?

If you work in the IT industry as a programmer or developer, the word punycode might sound familiar. Punycode is a way to manage and express strings of characters. The method translates Unicode strings of digits 0-9, the letters az and the dash to the ASCII characters allowed within the network domains (called DNS - Domain Name Servers). Worth noting is that the strings are case sensitive, which means that it distinguishes between uppercase and lowercase letters which means letters like z and Z will look different.

A Punycode string always begins with the prefix "xn--". For example, to write the word "cafe" in your browser it would first convert the string to Unicode and it would then look like this: "xn - café-dma. com ". The reason for this is that the letter "e" with the apostrophe (E) is not permitted as a domain name, because the idea is that the strings should be supported by both new and older browsers. The same principle will be the German city of Münich to "xn--Mnich-kva"
in Punycode, when German letter "ü" is not allowed.

To get some help with the conversion to Punycode, we offer this free online service which translate the string fast and efficiently. You can full domain names or short words.Punucode is intended for domain names, not subpages, which means subpages will not be converted.

The idea behind the Punycode is that it should work on any script, and that it should be self-optimizing by adapting all the characters in the strings that it works with. It is perfectly possible to use in most forms of programming where you want to create working strings for the Web.

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